Exploring Routt County

In this article, and will be talking about all the things you can do in Routt County.

If it is summer and if things are finally reopening after the COVID-19 pandemic, kept us in our homes throughout the past one and half years, I feel that it is time for you to go out, get vaccinated and also start living life, by exploring the places around here. In this article, I am going to talking about everything you can do in Routt County.

Exploring Routt County

1. There are actually a lot of events that you can attend. I feel that you should go to the main street steam both farmers market and, get some things for yourself. It is open from 9 AM to 2 PM, and on Saturdays, it is actually filled with people, so I suggest you mask up. With a couple of changes that aim to keep the entire community safe, because of COVID-19, the annual farmers market will open on Saturday with more than 60 Wenders, providing fresh produce, snacks and even baked goods, start-up plants and more. You need to make sure that you go here, without fail.

2. I would highly suggest going to the Botanical Gardens and also taking of the walking tour. You can go ahead from 10 AM to 11:30 AM on Sundays. You should definitely get outside and enjoy the sunshine and also enjoy the beautiful flowers that are blooming in the Botanical Gardens. It will certainly get you the right amount of fresh air that you need.

Exploring Routt County

3. I would definitely suggest going to the memorial library and watching the virtual watch party. It is going to be hosted on Wednesday. The tickets are around seven dollars each, and I am pretty sure that you will have a really good time.

4. You should definitely go to the art walk. This is something that a lot of people will do, once it is going to be reopened. A lot of people are actually waiting to get there, and have not been able to visit it, because of the pandemic and because it was close for a while.

5. I would definitely suggest hitting the trails and going on a couple of hikes. Hiking is definitely one of the most popular activities that you can do here. Make sure that you keep a safe distance away from others. You can visit your favourite spots and also you can end up discovering new ones.

6. I would highly suggest going on a scenic drive. You can take the drive from steamboat and drive all the way through to Hayden. You will be able to see the valley in all of its summer glory and, you will also be seeing the wildflowers blooming.

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