Rabbit Ears Recreation Map

Rabbit Ears Pass is divided into areas of motorized and non-motorized winter uses. The east side of the pass is designated for snowmobiling. All the groomed and maintained snowmobile routes are located there, marked with orange diamonds.
On the west side of the pass, non-motorized routes for skiers and snowshoers are marked with blue diamonds.
For both snowmobiling and non-motorized use, please check the signs at the trailhead for the latest information.
This arrangement resulted from negotiation and compromise among the various users of this area, working together to maintain quality recreation opportunities for everyone. As recreational use of this area continues to increase, it becomes even more important that users respect each other and be willing to compromise. Simple courtesies can go a long way to reduce conflicts and avoid additional rules and regulations in the future.
Please respect these suggested use areas and be part of the solution.

Information and Maps provided by the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forests.

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