1889 - Colorado State Business Directory

with Mining Directory Department – 1889

Denver, Colo.
James R. Ives, Publisher

Index to Cities, Towns and Camps Top
Egeria                              Page  323
Hahn’s Peak                         Page  366
Hayden                              Page  110
Lay                                 Page  392
Maybell                             Page  111
Routt                               Page  112
Sidney                              Page  112
Steamboat Springs                   Page  496
Toponas                             Page  112
Trull                               Page  512
Yampa                               Page  521

Colorado State Officers Top
Executive Department

State Capital Denver
State Offices – Corner Larimer and Eighteenth Streets.

Election for State Officers once in two years, on the second Tuesday in November. Next election, November, 1890.

Office                              Officer
Governor                            Job A. Cooper
Lieutenant Governor                 W. G. Smith
Secretary of State                  James Rice
Treasurer                           W. H. Brisbane
Auditor                             Louis B. Schwanbeck
Attorney General                    Sam W. Jones
Supt. of Public Instruction         Fred Dick


U. S. Officials for Colorado Top

Office                                 Officer
Assayer U. S. Mint                     George Munson
Clerk U. S. Court                      William A. Willard
Collector Internal Revenue             J. F. Benedict
Post Office Inspector                  George H. Waterbury
Surveyor General                       Oney Carstarphen
U. S. Attorney                         H. W. Hobson
U. S. District Judge                   Moses Hallet
U. S. Marshall                         Zeph T. Hill

Legislative Top
The State Legislature consists of a Senate and House of Representatives, the former having twenty six members and the later forty-nine. It convenes in regular session once in two years, on the first Wednesday in January. The next session meets January, 1891.

Members of the Senate
No members from Routt County.

Members of the House
The following are members of the House, their post office address, and the date on which their term will expire.

H. H. Eddy, Axial, 1891

Judicial - District Courts of Colorado Top
Ninth District

Judge                            Thomas A. Rucker
Attorney                         Jordan Rockwell

Pitkin County – On the first Monday of February and the second Monday of July
Garfield County – On the second Monday of March
Grand County – On the second Monday of August
Routt County – Is attached to Grand County for judicial purposes.

Railroads in Colorado Top
In the following tables the mileage only for that portion of each railroad lying within the State is given.

Denver and Rio Grande
David Moffat, President; S. T. Smith, General Manager; A. S. Hughes, Traffic Manager; S. K. Hooper, General Passenger Agent, Denver; Stanley Wood, Chief of Literary Department.

Total Miles of Railway in Colorado

Company                                    Miles
Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe              403.00
Burlington and Colorado                    350.00
Chicago, Kansas and Nebraska               154.00
Colorado Midland                           233.50
Denver, Utah and Pacific                    44.00
Denver, Texas and Fort Worth               224.60
Denver and Rio Grande                    1,478.84
Missouri Pacific                           147.00
Silverton and Red Mountain                  15.00
Union Pacific                            1,097.50
          Total                          4,147.44

County Officials Top
Routt County                      County Seat – Hahn’s Peak

Office Officer
County Clerk F. M. Jones Sheriff R. H. Buchanan Coroner S. Adair Treasurer S. D. Wilson Sup’t. of Schools J. T. Whyte Surveyor W. R. Rose Assessor J. H. Templeton Judge County Court J. Wolbridge Clerk District Court R. G. Wallace County Attorney Vacant
Counties, County Seats and Population Top
County    County Seat     Population       Population
1885 1889
Routt Hahn’s Peak 754 2400

Elections Top
Vote for President, November 1888

County    Harrison    Cleveland    Fisk      Labor
Routt       366         216          2         0

Vote for Congressman, November 1886
County   Geo. G. Symes   Myron W. Reed   Joseph Murray
Routt        148             123             0 

Small Towns and Post Offices Top
In the State of Colorado
Where there is at present no business.

In this list will be found every post-office in the State not given in the body of the book and in addition many places not post offices.
Those places, which have no post-office, are marked *.
Population is estimated from vote at last election; but where no basis existed for such estimate, we have taken the judgment of well-informed residents.
Distances given are by the nearest railroad or stage route.
Accompanying the figures for distances, the direction is indicated as follows: n., north; s., south; e., east; w., west; nr., near, etc.
In cases where the exact location of new post-offices could not be ascertained, distances are omitted and the point from which they are easiest of access are given.

Place         County  Pop.  Railroad or Stage  Distance and Direction  

Hahn’s Peak   Routt   100      Stage            150 s Rawlins, Wyo.
Hayden        Routt    15      Stage            170 s Rawlins, Wyo.
Maybell       Routt    25      Stage            120 Hahn’s Peak
Routt         Routt    15      Stage            120 n Glenwood Spgs.
Sidney        Routt    15      Stage               ---
Toponas       Routt    15      Stage               ---
Trull         Routt    15       ---                ---

Business Directories by Town Top
Egeria                                           Page 323

Postoffice in Routt county, Russell, on the D. & R. G. R. R., 45 miles south, is the nearest railway point. Principle industry, stock raising and lumber. Altitude, 7,000. Population, 150.

Bird, Wm., blacksmith.
Carl, W. W., saw mill.
Hoag, Elmer, postmaster, justice peace and notary.
Hernage, H. J., gen. mdse.
Montgomery, W. W., hotel.

Note: Current day Yampa, Routt County.

Hahn’s Peak                                      Page 366

County seat of Routt county, 150 miles south of Rawlins, Wyoming, the most convenient railroad point. Population 200.

Cody & Mackey, gen. mdse. and postoffice.
Curry, Sam, physician.
Draper, J. E., gen. mdse. and hides.
Hinman, P. T., grocer.
Hinman, T. A., blacksmith.
McCarger, A., hotel.
McIntosh, R., gen. mdse.
Miller, D., hardware.
Paulson, R., surveyor.
Wallbridge, J., attorney.

Lay                                              Page 392

Postoffice in Routt county, 90 miles from Hahn’s Peak and 100 miles north-west of New Castle. Agriculture and stock raising the principal industry. Altitude, 6,200. Population, 40.

Matthews, Wm., glovemaker.
Wallihan, A. G., gen. mdse.

Steamboat Springs                                Page 496

A growing town in Routt county, 150 miles north-west of Georgetown, 65 miles north of Russell, the nearest railway point. Altitude, 6,500. Population, 300.

Baker, C. E., principal public schools.
Bamber, L. E., dentist.
Bennett, Mrs., prop. Mountain Home hotel.
Bennett, Mrs. Jennie, books and notions.
Bourquin, Albert, carpenter.
Burgess & Milner, real estate, loans and insurance.
Campbell, L. D., physician.
Congregational Church, C. E. Parker, pastor.
Crawford, Jas. H., gen. mgr. Steamboat Springs Co.
Crowell, D. C., carpenter.
Dunfield & Easton, gen. mdse.
Gough & Crowell, blacksmiths.
Graham, C. C., real estate.
Groesbeck & Metcalf, drugs.
Hall, Caleb, blacksmith.
Hamilton, A., shoemaker.
Harding, Jacob R., attorney.
Herwig, Geo. D., meat market.
Hoyle, J., pub. Pilot.
Klopfenstein, J. E., dentist.
Lewis, J. H., restaurant.
Mettleman & Mayberry, tinners.
Milner, F. E., postmaster.
Milner & Co., bankers.
Milner Lumber Co., lumber.
Mountain Home hotel, Mrs. Bennett, prop.
Myers & Adair, hardware and implements.
Pilot (weekly), J. Hoyle, pub.
Pyles, J. F., blacksmith.
Schaffnit, H., prop. Sheridan House.
Snyder, Alice, dry goods and millinery.
Stafford & Whipple, livery.
Steamboat Springs Co., Jas. H. Crawford, gen. mgr.
Sutler, Sam’l., carpenter
Suttle, H. H., saw mill.
Turner, H. E., saw mill.
Wagoner, Frank, blacksmith.
Williams, A. P., dentist.
Woolery & Barnhar, lime burners.

Trull                                            Page 512

Postoffice in Routt county, 59 miles south-west of Russell, the nearest railway point.

Trull, J. M., gen. mdse. and blacksmith.

Yampa                                            Page 521

Postoffice in Routt county. Population, 25.

Hangher, F. M., postmaster.
McKay, J. C., saloon.
McKay, J. C., hardware and implements.

Note: Current day Craig, Moffat County.