Hahns Peak Cemetery

Hahns Peak Cemetery is the oldest public burial ground in Routt County. It was first recorded in 1972 through the efforts of the Hahns Peak Historical Society. At that time it was supposed to be made part of the Steamboat Springs Cemetery District. This did not happen and the site is currently under private ownership. When it was first recorded, 41 graves were identified. To date we have recorded 57 burials at this site. Many of the early burials may never be identified as the old wooden markers have long since disappeared due to the severe weather of the area.

From Historic Hahns Peak by Thelma V. Stevenson we quote the following: "The 1930's saw more funerals on Hahns Peak hillside than any other recorded ten years. One after another, nine men left the valley of dreams and hard labor, the majority having arrived as young gold seekers in the 1880's and 90's. This does not count graves of two women and one baby nor does it include other prospectors who were known to be buried on their own mining claims, such as Tom Kleckner of the Master Key in 1936. The oldest public burial ground still in existence in Northwestern Colorado is, as far as I know, the Hahns Peak Cemetery, east of the village. From unremembered times this grave yard, like Topsy, 'just growed' at the edge of old Poverty Bar gold mining camp. Earlier markers were wooden. As these rotted back to earth, small wonder that the oldest sites unknowingly might have been used for more than one body. This cemetery has extraordinary charm, lying on a southern exposure, flanked by stately pines, fir trees and aspen. Among its antique cribbing and lichen covered headstones bloom buttercups and glacier lilies in the spring time. Summer brings red roses, tall blue columbines and fragrant wild honeysuckle to attract wing-trilling hummers. Autumn blazes it with aspen gold, yampa flowers and bronzed grasses with the seeds for tomorrow."

Although there were many mining claims in this area in the late 1880's, few miners had homestead claims. The first was the HP & ER Canal & PM Co. who in turn sold to Wm. M. Woods. The land eventually was sold to Lifetime Community and then to Lifetime Homes. The current owners are Douglas P. Button and his wife Jean Marie.

LOCATION: 2,500 ft east of RCR#129
BURIALS: 57 burials with 52 inscribed stones from 1901 to 1989
CONDITION: 120 ft x 150 ft in good condition, enclosed with a metal fence, sign
USGS QUAD MAP: HAHNS PEAK, CO 7.5 1962 UTM 13; 336620 mE 4518650 mN
LEGAL DESCRIPTION: T10N R85W 6th PM N 5, NE 4, NE 4, NE 4 SEC 29

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