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Who We Are & Our Plan…
We are 'The Friends of Crossan’s M & A Market', a group of volunteers who are committed to the adaptive business reuse of the Crossan’s M & A Market Building, located in the downtown business district of the Town of Yampa (pop 429).

The growth of The North West Colorado Cultural Heritage Tourism Initiative opens an economic opportunity for small rural towns in Northwest Colorado to participate in an economic model that will benefit not only our community but also other small towns that are part of the Yampa Egeria basin. By working collaboratively with our neighbors we can enhance our Historic Assets and become a noted area for tourist visits to the North American West.

Additionally, the placement of the Yampa Town Hall and affiliated programs back into the Historic Downtown will help promote a more vibrant commercial core. This Historic Building will be open for Town Business 5 days a week and open on the weekends in its capacity as a Visitor Center and extension for the Yampa Egeria Historical Museum.
The Crossan's M & A Market, which contains 4,000 square feet on two floors, remained in use as a Mercantile Store from 1903 to 1964. The store was closed in 1964 and has been vacant since that time. The plan for Crossan’s is to rehabilitate the exterior and then the interior of the building so that it can go from being a neglected historical asset to a useful commercial part of downtown Yampa. It is hoped that the revitalization of this building will spur other buildings and businesses to take advantage of the Cultural Heritage Tourism Initiative.

In addition to its use as The Yampa Town Hall, it will also be home to an extension of the Yampa-Egeria Historical Museum, a Visitor’s Center with information about the Yampa Gateway to the Flat Tops Scenic By-Way, North West Cultural Heritage Tourism and the South Routt Economic Development Council.

The Town of Yampa purchased the property in December 2006 with the goal of raising funds to preserve and adapt it for viable new uses. The Crossan's M & A Market Building was placed on The Routt County Register of Historic Places in 2008. The original wood checkout counters and shelves remain in the building.  It is remarkably unchanged from its appearance and layout during its service as a general merchandise store. 

Where We Are Now…   
Crossan’s Market has deteriorated due to years of vacancy and neglected maintenance. There are a number of critical preservation issues which are outlined in our plan below.

The current condition as assessed within the Historic Structures Assessment (HSA) has identified 11 Critical Deficiencies to be completed as soon as possible; 10 Serious Deficiencies - to be done within 2-4 years and 10 Minor Deficiencies. The first Critical Deficiency is the deteriorated foundation which is causing the building to fall away from the center beam. We need to lift the building and replace the foundation as soon as possible to maintain the structural integrity. The building will need a new roof, exterior siding, windows and doors. The remodel will follow the design of the existing building and will maintain all useful material.

*  Owing to the deteriorated state of the building it is under consideration to be on the Colorado Endangered Places List for 2012.

What We Need To Do…
The First Phase, years 2012-2013, is to stabilize the building and complete the exterior envelope. The cost for this part will be $528,220 est.*

The Second Phase, years 2014-2015, is to rehabilitate the interior and to conform to all ADA requirements for both floors so that it can open its doors for business, by July 2015. The cost for this part is $533.968 est.*

*  All costs are estimates from the 9/23/11 Historic Structures Assessment

How Do We Plan To Get There?
Our first and most immediate goal is to seed our Founding Fund, with donations from private and corporate partners, so that we can leverage those funds for future grant applications. Some of the Grants that we can apply for are the Colorado State Historic Fund, Colorado Department of Local Affairs, Routt County's Museum and Historic Advisory Board Fund among other government entities. We will also be applying to private foundations and be sponsoring local fund-raising efforts.

None of these future doors are open to us until we raise our local Founding Fund. The fund ultimately needs to be $150,000 but we can start our application for matching funds as our funds come in.

What Can You Do? 
Right now our most important task is to raise donations so that we can start the process to stabilize the building. Once that is done we are in line for many other avenues to "Open the Doors"

We have established the following categories for our partners:

Stillwater - (elevation 10,255 ft.) - $10,000 and above

Bear Lake - (elevation 9,800 ft.) - $5,000 and above

YamColo - (elevation 9,600 ft.) - $1,000 and above

Bear River - (elevation 8,000 ft) - $1 and above   

In keeping with our theme of "Opening the Doors," all donors will have their name or corporation inscribed on "Contributors Doors," a set of Doors that will be maintained in the Market.

Tax Exempt Status
Historic Routt County is our fiscal agent until we secure our own 501 (c) (3) status with the Yampa Egeria Historical Museum. All donations are tax-exempt.

Thank You for your support of our exciting project!


The Friends of Crossan's M & A Market Board of Directors
Jeff Drust, President

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