Hahns Peak Area Historical Society

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The Hahns Peak Area Historical Society was created in 1972, as a reorganization of the 1950's Social and Civic Society.  It is an all volunteer organization that administers a schoolhouse, museum building and historic cabin. Through the dedication of historic society members to preservation and education, the Schoolhouse has been designated as a Historic Site on the Federal, Colorado State, and Routt County Registers of Historic Places.
The Museum is Open during the summer season usually from 12:00 - 4:00 p.m.

The District 34 Schoolhouse has always been a great asset to the Hahns Peak Area. It served as a School and Community Center for dinner, dances, funerals, and church services. The Schoolhouse has been preserved and restored to its original state, including the original schoolbooks.





Take a Step Back in Time. The Museum contains many Exhibits on Mining and Early Pioneer Living.

 A Pole Barn, to replicate the one used by students to stable their horses, was constructed in 2011.  It houses and protects larger mining equipment.  Displays and information increase understanding of the early mining in Hahns Peak.




The Bear Cage Jail was part of the original courthouse in Hahns Peak when it served as the Routt County seat. It hosted many infamous outlaws, such as Tracy, Lant and Butch Cassidy.  Moved to Steamboat Springs, the Bear Cage was used as a jail for many years.  When the new jail was built, Routt County graciously donated the Bear Cage Jail back to its home in Hahns Peak.  Under a new covered roof, The Hahns Peak Area Historic Society attached the jail to the rear of the museum for public viewing 


Yes, if this Bar Could Talk.   Come visit the Original Bar from the Saloon in Hahns Peak.  View the pictures of some of the individuals from Hahns Peak that frequented the Saloon.



The oldest existing structure in Hahns Peak,  the Wither Cabin, has an unknown origin.  In the late 1890s, two of the four Wither brothers from Scotland set up bachelor's quarters and freighted food from the rail stop at State Bridge.  George and Pearl Wither married in 1899, and had a son in November 1900.   George Baxter Wither was the first pioneer child born in Hahns Peak.  Soon, the Wither's sold the cabin and moved to Steamboat Springs to open a general store.  G. B. Wither repurchased his birth place in 1948, and it remained in the family until 2008.  At that time, the Wither's donated the cabin to the Hahns Peak Area Historic Society who moved the structure across from the schoolhouse, restored and refurbished it.


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