Vision 2020 Report

Vision 2020 is a citizen-based committee charged by the City of Steamboat Springs and the Routt County Commissioners to develop, based on valley-wide citizen input, a long-range vision for our community and recommendations to implement that vision.

Vision 2020 First Report of Recommendations represents the result of over two years of work by dozens of community members; it presents a vision for the community and recommendations for achieving that vision.

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Vision 2020 Table of Contents (1,120kb pdf file)1.09 MB
Community Vision (166kb pdf) 165.26 KB
Planning (175kb pdf)174.96 KB
Government (83kb pdf) 82.53 KB
Sense of Community (440kb pdf) 439.48 KB
Open Space (281kb pdf) 280.41 KB
Economy (372kb pdf) 371.47 KB
Education (271kb pdf) 270.23 KB
Transportation (387kb pdf) 386.14 KB
Future (146kb pdf) 145.6 KB
Vision 2020 Contributors (104kb pdf) 103.06 KB
Vision 2020 Executive Summary of Recommendations (544kb pdf) 543.1 KB