Purpose Statement:

"Our purpose is to review and enhance the existing Community Design guidelines and practices in accordance with current and future conditions considering the assets and values of this community!"

Vision Statement:

"We encourage Community Design that promotes historical, environmental, recreational and family values through preserving and enhancing neighborhood character, community services and managed growth."

The following is a list of Community Design Issues identified by this group:

  • Sense of Community
  • Sense of Place
  • Preservation of Heritage
  • Preservation of Environmental Amenities
  • Linkages
  • Recreation
  • Community Gateways
  • Infill / Redevelopment
  • New Growth

Make a Comment:

You may make a comment on the Community Area Plan Update to the Community Design Committee. Your comment will be received by Tom Leeson of the City of Steamboat Springs Planning Department and forwarded to this group.


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